Digital Marketing Certification Course | Mumbai

1 Month Digital Marketing - Google Certification Course

1 Month Digital Marketing - Google Certification Program

65 hours of live hands-on training; 8 hours online interactive learning; 4-5 expert trainers; 8 industry case studies; 6 industry live projects; 10 software & tools; 1 hours of business or career consultancy

WeBind’s 1 month Digital Marketing Course is an exclusive hybrid  program curated by leading marketing strategists with a cumulative experience of 50+ years. The hybrid model gives the learners, an opportunity to invest proportionate time in classroom hands-on learning, as well as online interactive learning and 1 to 1 personalized experience with the expert trainers. The course starts Digital Marketing from the basics and progressively skilling the participant enough to run a complete campaign on her/his own. The modules have been systematically assembled so as to form a storyboard pattern and equip learners with the day-to-day working of a Digital Marketing agency or team. This program will make the learners get armed with Digital Marketing as a life skill besides offering a holistic 360 degree super specialisation perspective. Business owners and founders have the added advantage of an exclusive ‘Business Consultancy’ session devising growth strategies. While, students and professionals can avail the ‘Career Consultancy’ by our experts to get assistance in career with the advantage of 3 Google certificates.

16 Modules , 3 Google Certifications, 4 Expert Trainers, 8 Case Studies, 6 Live Projects, 8 Softwares/Tools hands-on Training with rigorous practise, 2 hours of Business or Career consultancy for each participant.

Batch Starts: 7th October

Dates: 7th, 8th, 14th, 15th, 28th, 29th October, 4th & 5th November


Weekly online Live interactive sessions with the trainers.

Program Curriculum:

Trainer 1 : Madhuri Bogawat

Module 1: Basics Of Digital Marketing

  • Different channels for Digital Marketing

  • Resources required for Digital Marketing

  • How to create Digital Marketing plan  with live industry example

  • Goals and successfully implemented case studies of a Smart Digital Marketing plan

  • Metrics, KPI’s and ROI calculation of a Digital Marketing campaign

  • Systematic approach deployed by top Digital Marketing strategist around the globe.

Module 2: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Understand the major functions of a Search Engine

  • What is SEO and its need?

  • How to find/choose relevant keywords

  • On-page optimisation

  • Off-Page optimisation

  • Link Building

  • Next Generation SEO

  • Tricks to manipulate page rankings

  • Secret tools to analyse competitor’s SEO ranking and strategies

  • Case Study Discussion on SEO(Activity)

  • Industry best practises

  • Live Project

  • Case Study (Online Weekly Session)

Module 3: Google Adwords

Introduction to AdWords

  • Different types of campaigns

  • Certification and business usage

  • Google AdWords Account Structure

  • Basic Advertising Metrics

  • Keyword Planner

  • Conversion tracking

  • Account creation (Digital Marketing Course - Hands-on Activity)

  • Introduction to Search

  • Keywords and Match Types

  • Creating Search Ads

  • Bid Strategies and Bid Modifiers

  • Quality Score

  • Google Keyword Planner (Hands-on Activity)

  • Conversion Tracking

  • Live Project: You will be setting up, launching and optimizing a Google Adwords campaign and spending real money. The project will help you understand how businesses use this effective pull marketing channel.

  • Case Study (Online Weekly Session)

Module 4: Google Analytics and Webmaster

  • Introduction to Web Analytics

  • Getting Started With Google Analytics

  • Accounts, Profiles and Users Navigation

  • Interpreting Google Analytics reports

  • Traffic sources

  • Direct, referring and search traffic

  • Live Project

  • Case Study (Online Weekly Session)

Trainer 2 - Nitin Raghani

Module 5: Basics of Social Media Marketing

  • What is social media marketing and broadening scope.

  • Choosing your channels

  • Social Strategy & Social Journey

  • Achieving sales and marketing goals through social media

  • Optimising strategy for millennial generation audience

  • Live Project

  • Case Study (Online Weekly Session)

Module 6: Facebook Marketing and Facebook Adverts (Hands-on)

  • Advertising On Facebook – Creating And Running An Ad

  • Facebook targeting alternatives - Interest base, custom based and retargeting or facebook exchange

  • Facebook Insights – Understanding important metrics to measure audience engagement

  • Ad Manager On Facebook

  • Best practises for ad content

  • Business Manager on Facebook

Module 7: Facebook Marketing and Facebook Adverts (Hands-on)

  • Ad Manager On Facebook

  • Best practises for ad content

  • Business Manager on Facebook

Module 8: Instagram Marketing (Hands-on)

  • Understanding Instagram

  • Build Brand Following with Content Strategy

  • How to drive engagement

  • Influencer Marketing

  • Analytics & Measurement

Module 9: LinkedIn Marketing (Hands-on)

  • Introduction to LinkedIn Marketing

  • How to Market

  • LinkedIn Ads

  • LinkedIn Campaigns

  • Case Study (Online Weekly Session)

Module 10: Email Marketing and Mail Automation

  • Overview and effectiveness of Email Campaigns

  • Setting up a MailChimp Account and dashboard

  • Creating and nurturing email marketing list and database

  • Strategic content implementation for emails

  • Design Email Templates

  • Uploading datasets including filtering, scrubbing.

  • A/B split test campaigns (headlines, copy, subject line, color,)

  • Open Rates, Click Rates and methods to optimize it

  • Email Automation - Features and Functions

  • Simple Automation Campaigns through MailChimp

  • Create your own campaign and analyse

Module 11: Creative Ideation and Designing Tools

  • Importance of good design

  • Using Canva tool for design

  • Design techniques for social media

Module 12: Blogging & Influencer Marketing

  • How to create a blog

  • Why blog is important for any business

  • What is influencer marketing

  • How to implement influencer marketing effectively for a business

Module 13:  Online Reputation Management

Trainer 3: Altamash Khan (Digital Marketing Manager Of Godrej)

Module 14: Media Planning and Buying

  • Tips for buying online media

  • Demographic research

  • Agency buy methodology

  • Direct buy methodology

  • Text

  • In-Text

  • Display

  • Basic display ad sizes

  • In-Page

  • Roadblock

  • Floating

  • Expanding

  • Pop-up/ Pop-under

  • Video

  • Pre/ Mid/ Post Roll

  • In-Site

  • In-Stream

  • In-Game

  • Overlay

  • Text in the Media Player

Module 15: Ideation to Execution of a Digital Marketing Campaign

  • Brainstorming on creating a digital media plan

  • Creating a inbound-outbound marketing plan

  • Doubts solving session

Trainer 4: Ajit Singh (Content Marketer for WebEngage)

Module 16: Content Marketing

  • How to Write High Quality Blog Content That Gets Shared

  • Effective Writing for SEO

  • Personal Branding & Marketing using Writing for Artists and Entrepreneurs

  • How to Write Better Headlines

  • Web Content Optimisation

  • Content Strategy for Professionals

Add-on: 1-1 Online Session: Choose from Business Consultancy or Career consultancy

Workshop Details

  • 65 hours of live hands-on training
  • 10 hours online interactive learning
  • 4 expert trainers
  • 8 industry case studies
  • 6 industry live projects
  • 10 software & tools
  • 1-1 business or career consultancy with the Expert
  • Google Adwords Certification
  • Google Analytics Certification
  • Google Digital Sales Certification
  • WeBind's Certification
  • Interview Kit

Workshop Details

Duration: 65 hours of Classroom training + 10 Hours of online interaction

Batch Starts 7th October 2017 (Weekends Only) at IES College, Bandra

For individuals  18000

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