With the advent of internet and the advancement of technology, more and more companies are opting for the digital way of announcing their presence. Almost every other online platform we see these days has advertisements running on them. Be it Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, Twitter or any other platform for that matter. And as the competition swells up with herds of competitors swarming the field, the need for every company to bring their brand to the surface, into the limelight is becoming all the more important. While traditional marketing is still widely prevalent, the wide outreach of digital marketing is rapidly making it the preferred mode of marketing. 

With this shift in the marketing practice, small business owners have observed an immense growth in their business. Likewise, a plethora of digital marketing job opportunities has been created which makes a career in digital marketing in India as one of the best and most lucrative options for students and professionals.

So, what is it that you can look forward to once you complete a comprehensive course on digital marketing?


1.      Future of Marketing –A digital strategy is a non-negotiable part of any marketing strategy. So even if you want to pursue a career in marketing, knowing the know-hows of digital marketing is a must. This is because the consumption of digital data has increased tremendously and the targeting, attracting and engagement of audience has become digital to a great extent.

2.      Climb up the Ladder and Climb Really High – Receiving a certification of digital marketing will be like a feather in your cap, adding more value to your CV, and making you a sought-after candidate.

3.      Opens up a Variety of Job Prospects – In the field of Digital Marketing, there are various job prospects available. You can be a Digital Marketing Manager, an SEO Executive, an SMM Expert, Content Marketing Management, Conversion Rate Optimizer, and a lot more! The options are pretty vast in the field of digital marketing.

4.      Learning Digital Marketing is Affordable and High Returning – One of the advantages of doing a course in digital marketing is that it is way more affordable than doing any other specialized course. And the returns are promising since job prospects are only going to increase with time.



Working Professionals

1.      Develop Skill Set and Advance in Career - A command over digital marketing will most definitely open a lot of doors for better prospects not just in different companies but also in your present company since the market requirement in this field will invariably be existent. And with the added benefit of a certification in Digital Marketing, you can negotiate your salary accordingly because there is a large shortage of skills in this industry.

2.      Digital Skills Gap – According to Times of India, it is predicted that by 2020 there will be 150,000 digital marketing jobs and not enough digital marketeers to fill them. With this digital gap widening, those professionals who have completed a course in digital marketing have an added benefit and a competitive advantage over other candidates.

3.      Start your Own Business or Earn Independently – While in most other traditional industries, you will first have to gain some experience on-field before starting your own business or freelancing, but in the world of Digital Marketing, you can launch into your career without having to experience a traditional workplace.

4.      Secured Career – The demand for Digital Marketeers is not going to die in the coming future. On the contrary, the industry is only going to get bigger and the demand will also increase. So, you can rest assured that digital marketeers will never run out of business. 


Business Owners

1.      More Cost-effective than Traditional Marketing – With the small resources that small businesses have, going for traditional marketing can prove really costly. This is why digital marketing is the more preferred channel of marketing which provides better results at lower costs.

2.      Conversion Rate is Higher – While using a tool of digital marketing, it is easier to compute the conversion rate and optimize your marketing campaign or strategy accordingly. This will ensure a higher rate of conversion and at a faster rate too.

3.      Facilitates Interaction and Real-time Marketing with the Target Audience – Communicating and engaging effectively with your audience can provide cognizance as to what your audience wants. This will help in targeting with precision, increased customer satisfaction, increased customer retention and ultimately, increased revenues.

4.      Helps in Building Brand Reputation – Be it good or bad, word about companies spread really fast. And if you maintain good relationships with your audience and deliver quality services, your company will gain more audience and building brand reputation becomes easier.

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