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Open Source Technologies


image "Open Source technologies are some of the most common and widely used software worldwide. while it is now the norm to patent your source code or sell it to multinationals, it wasn't always so. The early stages of computing involved companies sharing all their hardware,software & source code with customers. But as computer technology evolved, production costs started increasing and the software industry was forced to revise its revenue models and started paid versions of patches. However, some open source technologies are still free to the public like the android platform, Linux OS, and the Libre Document foundation. The co- founder of the latter, Mr. Italo Vignolio will be taking a session on the Open Source Initiative and his journey in the same industry"

Workshop Details

  • Introduction to the concept of Open Source
  • Technologies involved and use of your theoretical concepts.
  • Career options and scope.
  • Skillset/ courses required.
  • Expert opinion on entrepreneurial ambitions in the field

Colleges Attended

Karunya University, Coimbatore

Computer Science

St. Vincent Palloti College of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur

Information Technology

Dr. D.Y. Patil College of Engineering, Pune

Computer Science

Dwarkadas J. Sanghvi College of Engineering, Mumbai

Information Technology

St. Vincent Palloti College of Engineering and Technology, Nagpur

Information Technology


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Master Class Details

Duration: 01:00:00

Session delivered on: 28/07/2016 11:30 AM
Attended Students: 299

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