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image "Do you realize, getting a dog to sell insurance isn't easy. So how do adverts get made? Armed with little more than an inquisitive mind and a mountain of product research, how do the agencies come up with a plan that the client will be happy to back? Well, they rely heavily on both Science & Art! In today's world there is hardly anyone who can claim of not being influenced by advertisements floating around. The powerful & omnipresent ads take a lot more than just ideas to get made. Advertising is an over 100 billion dollar a year industry and affects all of us throughout our lives. We are each exposed to over 2000 ads a day, constituting perhaps the most powerful educational force in society. Advertising is the foundation and economic lifeblood of the mass media. The primary purpose of the mass media is to deliver an audience to advertisers. Gaurav De, creative strategist with Facebook is coming LIVE on weBind to break some myths & give you a whole new perspective on How Advertisements are made. Stay Tuned!"

Workshop Details

  • Introduction to the concept of Advertising.
  • Technologies involved and use of your theoretical concepts.
  • Career options and scope.
  • Skill set/ courses required.
  • Expert opinion on entrepreneurial ambitions in the field.

Colleges Attended

Apex Institute of Management & Science

MBA Core

Sankalchand Patel College of Engineering, Visnagar

MBA Core

C.K.Shah Vijapurwala Institute of Management, Gujrat

Training & Placement

G.H.Raisoni School of Business Management, Nagpur

MBA Core

Datta Meghe Institute of Management Studies, Nagpur

MBA Core

S V Institute of Management, Gandhinagar

MBA Core

S.K. Patel Institute Of Management, Gandhinagar

MBA Core

Global Institute of Business School, Bengaluru

Training & Placement

Fazlani College

Training & Placement

Priyadarshini Lokmanya Tilak Institute of Management Studies & Research, Nagpur

MBA Core


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Master Class Details

Duration: 01:00:00

Session delivered on: 01/09/2016 11:00 AM
Attended Students: 609

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