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Financial Technology -MIS


image Financial Management Information Systems accumulate and analyze financial data in order to make good financial management decisions in running the business. FMIS is the acronym for the term “Financial Management Information Systems”. The basic objective of the financial information system is to meet the firm's financial obligations as they come due, using the minimal amount of financial resources consistent with an established margin of safety. Outputs generated by the system include accounting reports, operating and capital budgets, working capital reports, cash flow forecast, and various What-If Analysis reports. The evaluation of financial data may be performed through ratio analysis, trend evaluation, and financial planning modeling. Financial planning and forecasting are facilitated if used in conjunction with a Decision Support System (DSS). Fintech is usually applied to the segment of the technology startup scene that is disrupting sectors such as mobile payments, money transfers, loans, fundraising and even asset management. The rise of fintech has forever changed the way companies do business. The traditional model of a new business turning directly to its local high street bank and/or a conventional investor is no longer the only game in town. Mr. Desai is an expert in this field having spent 8 years into Fintech Industry in going to enlighten students on How Information Management in itself is a big support system for Finance Industry.

Workshop Details

  • Introduction to the concept of Fin-Tech.
  • Technologies involved and use of your theoretical concepts.
  • Career options ans scope.
  • Skill set/ courses required.
  • Expert opinion on entrepreneurial ambitions in the field.

Colleges Attended

Rajendra Mane College of Engineering and Technology, Ratnagiri

Information Technology

College of Engineering, Cherthala

Computer Science


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Master Class Details

Duration: 00:45:00

Session delivered on: 29/01/2016 11:00 AM
Attended Students: 84

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Industry Expert

Khalid Desai

Khalid Desai