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image Job search is a new experience to all fresh graduates. Ask any recent graduate out there and he/she will tell you that there’s nothing like the first job interview. It is natural to feel nervous during interviews because even the most grizzled corporate veterans still get the jitters. As a fresh graduate, you may feel at a disadvantage in an interview knowing that you don’t have experience. However, don’t let that discourage you. As soon as a potential employer calls for an interview, most new graduates immediately search the Internet for tips on how to perform well at a job interview We have made it easy for you to prepare for it. Mr ateeq shaikh, MD &Co-founder of Hiring monk a Mumbai based hiring startup dispels all doubts and myths for you.

Workshop Details

  • Introduction to the concept of Human Resoruce
  • Technologies involved and use of your theoretical concepts.
  • Career options and scope.
  • Skillset/ courses required.
  • Expert opinion on entrepreneurial ambitions in the field.

Master Class Details

Duration: 01:00:00

Session delivered on: 27/11/2015 11:00 AM
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Industry Expert

Ateek Shaikh

Ateek Shaikh