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Electric Vehicles


image An electric vehicle is an automobile that is propelled by one or more electric motors, using electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or another energy storage device. The first electric vehicle were produced in the 1880s. Electric vehicles were popular in the late 19th century and early 20th century, until advances in internal combustion engines and mass production of cheaper gasoline vehicles led to a decline in the use of electric drive vehicles. Electric Vehicles (EV) Market is likely to experience high growth due to rising requirement for electric systems in tax exemptions, vehicles and subsidies by the government with increase in diesel and petrol prices. Our Master of this session, Arun is the core team member of Ather Energy. Ather Energy is a start-up which unveiled India's first smart electric scooter in February 2016. Curated for curious tech lovers, the Ather S340 is a no compromise electric vehicle with a smart connected dashboard. Ather Energy has a team of passionately curious creators who love building things, preferably those that haven't been built before! More about the company at

Workshop Details

  • Introduction to the concept of Electric Vehicles
  • Technologies involved and use of your theoretical concepts
  • Career options and scope
  • Skill set/courses required
  • Expert opinion on entrepreneurial ambitions in the field

Colleges Attended

Gandhi Institute of Technology and Management, Visakhapatnam


G H Raisoni College of Engineering and Technology, Pune


Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology, Muvattupuzha

Electronics & Telecommunication

Master Class Details

Duration: 00:50:00

Session delivered on: 31/03/2016 3:00 PM
Attended Students: 166

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Industry Expert

Arun Vinayak

Arun Vinayak