The Only Choice


The Only Choice

posted by person Vidhisha Soni   | 10/8/2016 6:43:52 PM

The Only Choice


The dilemma that every individual has to go through is choosing between ‘Passion’ and ‘Career’. Most of us get lost in demystifying the dilemma and coming to a result. The path is often backed by questions like “What if it didn't work?” or “What is my future going to be?” or “Would I have an ‘Acceptable’ status?” And these questions are sharpened by parents who have phrases such as "Log kya kahenge?" and "Sharmaji ka beta….." to make this decision complicated.


Being passionate is to have a desire to do more of ‘something’ without even getting bored. To be honest, the feeling of being tired of it won't even touch you! But, what if you don’t get a chance to follow your passion? How far will you go by not enjoying what you do?  Believe me! You will definitely stand behind Sharmaji ka beta. For instance, if Dhoni would have thought about people around him and not about his own interests, would Indian cricket team ever get its ‘Captain-Cool’? Or would Walt Disney ever make Mickey Mouse if he would have given up on Drawing, his sole passion? Every Superstar has pursued his passion and every ‘To be…..’ is on his way.


As said by Warren Buffet, "Without Passion, you don’t have energy, without energy you have nothing.” If you wish to align your passion and career, there would obviously be a number of obstacles on your way. But the challenges would surely motivate you to strive harder for success. After all, perseverance never goes in vain. Ultimately your passion has to meet Glory!


 Let us now look at the symptoms that reveal your ‘unsynchronized’ passion and career.


1. You are comparing yourself to someone else.


2. You go to work because it's compulsion.


3. You are only doing it because ‘It pays’.


4. Your smile has become a plastic smile.


Many of you would be facing at least one of them, right? Sometimes, we seem to be confused towards pursuing passion as a career only because of external factors. At such times, you need to Hold On! Take a look at yourself, decipher your skills and interests and then Continue on the path to reach the zenith.


The ideal answer to "What do you do?" is what you love to do, what your passion and dream are, and not your designation in a company. Get out of the fear you have about your life, its future, and its end. Pursue what you Love to Do! Be happy and I bet you'll be an individual without comparison. Money, success, peace and everything else is just a subset of you pursuing your dream, passion, and love.


Coming to an ending note I believe we don't have to choose between Passion and Career;  we have ’The Only Choice’ , PASSION AS CAREER.